Security Announcement

Hi All!

I recently received this email from someone ([email protected] actually ;)). I was behind on my email, wish I had seen this sooner.

You did a good job at hardening your server but you forget /dev/shm
I used to patch
your kernel on-the-fly.
But update your kernel.

A friend.

I’d like to thank the person who contacted me about it, and thank them for fixing the problem. That is probably the coolest thing ever to happen on st0rage. 🙂

Just figured I’d let everyone know; first root exploit since 2004. Whooo! 😀 outages

I figured I’d post some information here about recent outages.

I plan on moving over to a new server soon, and there are going to be some changes (user quotas for the first time ver, yay!). I’ll also be offering a paid service, along with an increased free service.
It’s been a lot of work, and has caused some downtime (usually less than 30 minutes). People using irssi I’m sure havn’t been happy. 😉

Sorry about all the trouble, things will be much nicer soon (moving to a much more stable connection).