OpenSolaris mod_bw Apache2 Bandwidth Limiting

Posted in Services, Solaris on May 11th, 2010 by termina

Install needed software

pkg install gsed wget SUNWapch22 sunstudioexpress

Yes, sunstudioexpress is really necessary. gcc will NOT work with mod_bw.
Download mod_bw

cd /tmp
gunzip mod_bw-0.8.tgz
tar xf mod_bw-0.8.tar
cd mod_bw

Build/install the module. We need to make sure the SunStudioExpress binaries are chosen before anything else, so add it to the beginning of PATH.

export PATH=/opt/SunStudioExpress/bin:$PATH

We also need to make a symlink to /usr/ucb/echo (this is a bug with the apxs included in opensolaris, not with mod_bw)

mkdir /usr/ucb
ln -s /usr/bin/echo /usr/ucb/echo

Now cross your fingers and build the module

/usr/apache2/2.2/bin/apxs -i -a -c mod_bw.c

If it complains about .h files, you can find them here:


Once apxs finishes, it should automatically add the following entry to /etc/apache2/2.2/conf.d/modules-32.load

LoadModule bw_module          /var/apache2/2.2/libexec/

Add the following to /etc/apache2/2.2/httpd.conf

BandWidthModule On

BandWidth all 40000

MinBandWidth all 10000

ForceBandWidthModule On

Restart apache2 and check on it’s status

svcadm restart apache22

svcs -a | grep apache22

online          1:55:27 svc:/network/http:apache22

If it’s in maintenance mode, check the log file