Summit 400-48t Enable Advanced Edge License

I noticed the license is a length 7 numeric value, so I modified an existing script floating around for the Summit 400-48t. Should work with any Summit 200/300/400 however.

You may need to modify the “Summit400” near the end of the file to match your prompt. This runs much quicker than I’d think; got my license after 4 hours or so.

Uncomment the dump.log line if you have trouble to debug

use Net::Telnet;
use warnings;

$t = new Net::Telnet(
Timeout => 10,
# Dump_Log => "dump.log",
Prompt => '/\* Summit*$/',
$t->waitfor('/login: $/i');
$t->waitfor('/password: $/i');

for($x = 1; $x < 9999999; ++$x) { print "Trying: $x\n"; #@lines = $t->cmd("enable license advanced-edge $x");
$t->print("enable license advanced-edge $x");

2 Responses to “Summit 400-48t Enable Advanced Edge License”

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for this – very useful. it’s only testing 20 per second for me, which means it will take about a week to try all the combinations. Any idea where I can get the latest firmware for this switch? I tried changing logging settings on the switch to speed things up but it didn’t help.

    • termina says:

      Hey Matt,

      Sorry for the late reply here. Guessing after all this time it worked though! 😉

      Otherwise I just left it in a screen session and it got it in a few hours. The serial is almost never as long as the possible number of digits.

      Summit is much better than cisco about firmware; if you shoot them an email with your switch serial number they’ll let you make an account and give you access to the firmware. I got my switch off ebay and they didn’t give me much hassle (a few e-mails back and forth)

      I believe they wanted a picture of the serial number for verification (to prove I actually had the switch)

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